from our Patients

For thirty years, I have endured the inconvenience of an upper partial. Then in July 2006, I decided to inquire about the possibility of implants. Fortunately, I was directed to Dr. DiFusco. After much discussion and consultation about the benefits of implants, I decided to go forward with the procedure and I have been very satisfied.

The implants have literally changed my life. I am now able to eat virtually anything with total comfort and confidence, without the fear or embarrassment of a partial coming loose or breaking. I also tote a bright smile thanks to the color choice for my new teeth.

Annette Truby

P.S. For those who fear the dentist chair, I want you to know that the procedure itself was painless and Dr. DiFusco and his assistants made me very comfortable throughout the implant process.

Dr. DiFusco,

You were a ray of sunshine on a very dismal day. Thank you so much for the collection of Rod’s best. I played the CD’s all evening. Great songs!!!

Your kindness and thoughtfulness will always be remembered. It’s good seeing you again.

See you Thursday A.M.

Barbara Gester

How did you know I love Rod Stewart???

I am pleased and grateful for the dental implants that I have received from the Webster Dental Group. Without them I would have had to have a lower denture years ago. My implants have been in place for many years, and show no signs of failure. I would certainly recommend this Group to my family and friends.

Deane Thomas

Dear Dr. DiFusco,
I can not thank you enough for your patience and skill, and kindness in getting me through 2 years of work
on my teeth!  And your staff!!!  They are a pure gift!  From the moment I walked in to the time I leave-
everyone has been so kind.
Most especially, I want to thank Sarajane and Lisa for helping me in so many ways.  Technically you’re the
best…. But to also have compassionate hearts helped me get through this work,
Many blessings,
Deb French

Dear Gerry:

Enclosed is a picture of Carly Lewis that is part of her professional portfolio. She wanted to be sure you got a copy so you could check out her perfect smile. She has moved to New York City so she can pursue her dreams of performing. She is driven to be the best and is willing to put in the time and effort to be successful.

She has a fantastic smile thanks to your efforts and there will be no stopping her now. We’ll keep you informed of her progress and expect we’ll be traveling to the City to see her perform in the coming New Year.

You have changed her life. Her confidence, beauty, talent and smile will help her achieve her goals. Thank you for all you have done for our family and friends. You are truly the best. How lucky we all are to have you a part of our lives.

Di Cosman

When my oldest root canalled tooth broke off at the gum line, I was seriously upset. The implant and crown option done at Webster Dental Group was so great I decided to have my entire mouth done with the skills of Dr. DiFusco. I have a smile I never expected and have sent many friends and family to have life changing dental work done at the WDG. It is the best thing I have ever done for myself!!

Diane Cosman

Dear Donna, Sara, Linda and to all the young Ladies on the Dental Staff; I should know all your names by now, but being such an airhead, I don’t.

Sara, thank you for calling and for the lovely roses, they are in full bloom. I have never been so honored. Dr. DiFusco has the sweetest and most knowledgeable young ladies working for him. You all deserve applause and congratulations for all the wonderful work you perform.

Thank you all again and yes, I do love my new teeth. Dr. DiFusco has performed another one of his fabulous miracles.

I am enclosing a check and thought perhaps you all could have lunch on me.

Most sincerely,
Love, Elsie Fletcher

Dr. DiFusco’s work is impeccable. He artistically color matched my veneers to my new bridge and my
natural teeth. Everything matches without looking fake.

Gail Russell

After years of frustration with “Bridges” and “Partials”, Dr. DiFusco achieved for me, comfort and stability beyond my expectations. I love Dr. DiFusco. I love my implants. I would recommend him and I have.

Gloria Delaney

The implant that Dr. DiFusco did for me is unbelievable! I can’t tell which tooth it is! I was a little hesitant at first, but now I’m so glad I had the implant done; my teeth look beautiful and I feel like a new person. Thank you Dr. DiFusco and staff for your very professional and kind treatment of me.

Helen Tucker

Many “Thanks” to Dr. DiFusco for his kind and gentle treatment. My results have exceeded my expectations. I share my utmost respect for Dr. DiFusco and graciously applaud his impeccable workmanship. Also, I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. DiFusco’s staff at Webster Dental Group.

I will recommend Webster Dental Group for many years to come.

Janice L. Anderson

Thanks for having such a great “chair-side” manner. If you ever need a referral or reference don’t hesitate to ask.

Jeff Peden

P. S. I was impressed by the headphones – they were nice!

Implants can and will change your life. I find myself talking and smiling more often. Implants feel so natural; there really isn’t any “getting use to them.”

Dr. DiFusco and staff genuinely care about their patients, and are there for you every step of the way. The BEST part for me – my implants have made it possible for me to chew gum again after 20 + years!!

Dental implants are for you; starting your day off with a smile will make for a happier “you”!

JoAnn Gefell

The “implants” I have received are the best present I ever gave to myself. I have a “Kodak” smile again.

Joanne Wegman

I didn’t take care of my teeth and gums, as I should have growing up. As an adult, I’ve needed extensive dental care. The restorative treatments (implants, crowns, bridges, periodontal surgery) I’ve received at the office of Dr. DiFusco have been of the highest quality. I’ve got my dental health back and, cosmetically; my smile has never looked better. The comprehensive hygiene program provided by his office helps me keep it that way.

John Chiazza

Dr. DiFusco and his staff gently moved me through my first dental implant. I was very happy with the results, and impressed with their skill and knowledge.

Best regards,
Joyce Paxton

Dear Dr. DiFusco,
I meant to write this sooner, time just slipped by.
You did an excellent job on my teeth.  They are beautiful.  I love them everyday.  It has given me
confidence to have such a great smile.
Thank you for your dedication to dentistry.  All the staff there is wonderful also.
Judy Masciangelo

I am writing about the excellent job Dr. DiFusco did on my dental implant. I was in a car accident almost 8 years ago. The air bag went off in my face and the impact knocked my front tooth out. I immediately called Dr. DiFusco. He saw me right away and recommended a dental implant. I was given a temporary tooth, a “flipper” to wear until my new tooth was to be implanted. The reason I say this, is because I can’t believe the difference in self confidence, and the ultimate convenience of having my dental implant instead of a fake tooth that I had to put in every morning and take out every night.

I love my dental implant! It is just like having my own tooth!!! I can’t believe the difference from using the flipper. Dr. DiFusco is an excellent dentist. Although it is not the easiest procedure in the world, Dr. DiFusco is very gentle and he really knows what he is doing. He makes the procedure as painless as possible. He is very kind and makes you feel very comfortable. He answers all your questions and he realizes this is all very new to you. People often tell me what nice teeth I have and they have no idea that my front tooth is a dental implant. I am so glad I got this dental implant and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone, just as I have always recommended Dr. DiFusco to everyone I know because he is an excellent dentist!!!

Marilyn Carson

Dear Dr. “D” and Team:

I could not be more pleased with my teeth. I cannot stop looking at them in the mirror or thinking about how good they look. It is a good feeling to smile and not have to cover my mouth. It gives me confidence knowing they are even and sparkling white. I smile a lot lately.

All of you are good people. I felt surrounded by experts who cared about me. Somehow providence led me to you all and I am grateful. I could not have asked for better treatment or a better outcome.

Yours truly,
Mary Porretta
a/k/a Cheshire Cat

I work with the public, so my smile needs to look good. I also travel a lot, but Dr. DiFusco was able to do all this work around my schedule. He's a true artisan. Now one of my good friends is having some cosmetic work done with Dr. DiFusco.

Matt Orlando

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. DiFusco and his wonderful staff at Webster Dental Group. I’d always been self-conscious about my smile and had spent a lifetime masking it. Other attempts at cosmetic improvements had left me disillusioned with the process and disappointed with the results. Finally, at age 50, I decided to try one last time. Lucky for me, I found Dr. DiFusco, who turned out to be an artist as well as a technical wiz. In just a few months, he achieved exactly the result I’d always hoped for an attractive, natural looking smile. Maybe the highest compliment I can pay Dr. DiFusco is that I now flash my new smile confidently and without hesitation. He’s quite simply, the best.

Most dentists send you to a specialist for the challenging dental procedures like root canals, implants, bonegraphs and tissue transplants. My family had all of these procedures successfully completed by Dr. DiFusco at the Webster Dental Group. He is the best!

I have never been to a truly great dentist until I had work done by Dr. DiFusco. I now have a fantastic smile of a lifetime that I never dreamed was possible.

I am very happy with my decision to have veneers and have them done by Dr. DiFusco. They are beautiful. I am proud of my smile now and no longer reticent to have my picture taken smiling. Now, my teeth are straight, white and natural looking and just as important to me, I now have a comfortable, natural feeling bite. I think this is why I no longer grind my teeth at night. The procedure was painless. I am very glad I had this done.

Myra Olm

I have been very pleased with the dental implants provided by Dr. DiFusco. The implants have been trouble free and have provided a strong chewing capacity for me, which would have been difficult to achieve by alternative means.

Olaf Muller

Dear Gerry,

I want to thank you again for fixing “Humpty Dumpty”. It was a pleasure to meet all your staff. They are fantastic. Your team is the best. My upper right and lower right arch still give me some discomfort, but I’m sure it will pass.

I am grateful that you took me as a patient.


I had a very problematic molar that became infected even after two root canals, so after talking with Dr. DiFusco, I decided to replace it with an implant. Dr. DiFusco not only made the whole procedure entirely comfortable, but the process also took less time than I anticipated. My implant looks and functions as well or better than any molar in my mouth.

Sally Dixon

The dictionary describes an implant as “sowed” as in seeds,” “to set in, to insert”.

To me IMPLANT as used in dentistry, is a “lifesaver”. When it becomes necessary to use implants because there are no existing, sound teeth to attach other dental prosthetics, it literally becomes a lifesaver. In my world, teeth are much more important than instruments to chew food…my teeth are part of my personality and IMPLANTS just saved the day for me.

Thank God for IMPLANTS, Dr. Gerard DiFusco and his competent Staff!!

Mrs. Shirley DePaolis


from other Doctors

Additional Doctor Testimonials

Dr. Gerard DiFusco is one of the unique, ultra qualified dentists, able to perform almost any darn procedure you may need. Having a dentist like Dr. DiFusco is a privilege. His friendly, professional manner makes the experience a big change from old-fashioned offices. His expertise and compassionate care combined makes him one of the dentists in the U. S. that other dentists go to see for their treatment.

Charles Martin, DDS, MAGD, DICOI, FIADFE
Author, lecturer, consultant and private practitioner

If you live in the Rochester, New York area, I can highly recommend Dr. Gerard DiFusco. He is an expert in implant dentistry and reconstructing mouths to a natural feel and beautiful look. Dr. DiFusco has studied with the premiere pioneers of advanced Implantology from around the world. His patients and colleagues alike recognize his experience, expertise and gentle touch. See him and experience the difference.

Richard M. Feinberg, DDS
LaJolla, CA

“I’ve worked with Dr. DiFusco for over 10 years as a dental laboratory owner. My job is to create dental restorations like crowns, veneers and bridges using the impressions and models provided by Dr. DiFusco.

Dr. DiFusco uses the highest degree of skill and technique in his treatment of his patients. As a dental technician I see the quality of his work on a daily basis. The high quality and effort on his part provides the technician with everything they need to provide the highest quality restoration.

As a dental laboratory owner I value Dr. DiFusco. I know from experience that he always expects the very best from himself and from the dental technician. The patient always benefits from that level of care.

I see the work of many Dentists and I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. DiFusco to my friends and family.”

Scott Dyer CDT
Dyer Dental Laboratory, Inc.
Las Vegas, Nevada

To Whom It May Concern:

Root Laboratory has enjoyed a solid and extremely professional working relationship with Dr. Gerard DiFusco for over 24 years. He has a high level of expertise with extensive training from the pioneers of dentistry: Dr. Leonard Linkow, Dr. Carl Misch, Dr. Michael Pikos, Dr. Boyd Harris and Dr. Duke Heller. Dr. DiFusco is very diligent and detail-oriented when dealing with his patients’ dental cases and has restored many very complex and advanced cases. He has taken hundreds of hours of continuing education courses such as bone grafting, sinus augmentation and advanced esthetics. Dr. DiFusco is proficient in many aspects other than just general dentistry such as oral surgery, endodontics and periodontics. He has placed all types of modalities of implants: root form, blade form and subperiosteals. Dr. DiFusco is an outstanding practitioner and we look forward to continuing our partnership.

Team Root and Staff

From Staff and Other Professionals

Coming to work everyday is a joy and an honor. Working at the Webster Dental Group is the most educating and rewarding experience of my 33-year career in Dental Hygiene. Dr. DiFusco encourages constant continuing education as well as the “team work” concept. Aside from being caring and sensitive to each patients’ individual needs, Dr. DiFusco is extremely well educated, a perfectionist and truly an artist in the dental field. Not only does a patient at Webster Dental Group benefit from being treated by a courteous and professional staff; the end dental result is a look that they can smile about for a lifetime.

Bari Koch

When I was a young adult and trying to decide on a career, my dad’s advice was two fold. He said first find something you love to do and then find a way to get paid to do it.

I took his advice, and have been lucky enough to work with Dr. DiFusco and his very wonderful staff for the past two years.

The level of dental care, artistry and vision that Dr. DiFusco provides his patients is truly superior to anything I have ever been a part of in my many years in Dentistry. Dr. DiFusco’s dedication to continuing education and cutting edge technology for both himself and his staff, is only one of the many benefits his patients receive.

I am so very honored to work with Dr. DiFusco and his staff of skilled, compassionate, funny and dare I say beautiful people.

Bridget Ryan Graves

I have worked for the Webster Dental PC since January 2003. I am one of three Dental Assistants. It is the most amazing dental practice. Dr. DiFusco is so knowledgeable and his techniques are so advanced. It is such a joy to come to work everyday because I know I am always going to learn that we have the ability to completely change someone’s smile.

Eileen Catone

I have worked with Dr. DiFusco for almost 25 years, and in that time I have seen many beautiful, bright and healthy smiles pass by my desk. Dr. DiFusco is the most caring, considerate and knowledgeable Dentist that I know of. He treats each patient as if they were a member of his family when rendering treatment. People are constantly amazed at his ability to achieve what they want and more.

Dr. DiFusco encourages continuing education for his staff and for himself. He has often said that if we come away with one idea that will help our patients or us, it is well worth it. We all work as a team to render the best quality service to each individual that comes through our doors. It has been my honor to start my day with my “second family” and hope to continue for a long time.

Linda Smith

I have had the pleasure of working for the Webster Dental Group for the past 21 years. I came into the practice with no dental knowledge and I now know so much from the learning and teaching of Dr. DiFusco. With over 100 + years of experience among our dental staff, I can truly say we are competently educated in all aspects of the dental field. We all genuinely care about your health and well being. Dr. DiFusco is my own personal dentist. He is truly a caring; gentle and kind Doctor that you would want treating your own dental needs.

Lori A. Osterhout

My name is Senada. I am a dental assistant and I have been at Webster Dental Group since 1998. I am originally from Bosnia and I have been lucky to be a part of the Webster Dental Group and learn from the best, Dr. DiFusco and my co-workers. We are like a big family and we work as a team and treat our patients like a part of our family. Dr. DiFusco and our team are constantly striving and we educate ourselves to provide the best care for our patients. Dr. DiFusco is on top of the new technology in dentistry and I always like to say that he is truly an artist that changes people’s smiles and lives.

Senada Strujo