Mini Implants


  • Stabilize loose dentures and partials
  • Eat the foods you want and have been avoiding due to ill fitting dentures
  • Regain your confidence in social settings
  • Eliminate bad breath caused by loose fitting dentures that trap food
  • Simplified surgical protical and reduced healing time due to minimally invasive surgery


  • A fraction of the cost of traditional dental implants
  • Many times we can use your existing denture and "tighten it up" with Mini Implants
  • Interest free financing available with low monthly payments


"In July I noticed an ad in the newspaper about dental mini implants, a perfect solution to loose dentures. Over the years I had multiple partial denture repairs and finally a full lower denture, which never fitted right. It was very loose; I had to use denture adhesive often before and after eating, 4 or 5 times a day. I also had multiple sore areas on my gum from my ill fitting dentures, my Dentist tried to remedy that problem, but it never worked. It was very inconvenient and unhealthy. Dining in a Restaurant I often had to stop eating and take my dinner home or visit the Ladies room and use glue on my loose dentures.

So the ad from Dr. DiFusco looked very promising to me. I went to the Webster Dental Group for a free consultation with Dr. DiFusco, who told me he could help me. He seemed very professional and his staff was very friendly. The following week I had 4 mini implants which took about 2 hours, painless, hardly any bleeding, I was very pleased. After a week Dr. DiFusco had a new lower denture made and fitted it to my implants. Four days after that I went on vacation. I had no problem with my implants and new dentures, could eat what I wanted, and do not need any dental adhesive anymore. I enjoy eating and thank Dr. DiFusco for turning my life around. Anybody with loose or ill fitting dentures should check out the mini implants, they really work; you will not be embarrassed by slipping dentures anymore.

Thank you so much Dr. DiFusco and the staff of the Webster Dental Group."

Annelies Gonta